Green Yurts are honoured to be onsite with our comfortable Glamping Silverstone packages at a variety of Silverstone races this summer. Look out for Glamping at The Ridings!

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SILVERSTONE Partnership with Green Yurts

Glamping offers an unforgettable experience, especially when it's with Green Yurts at Silverstone! Nestled close to the heart of British motorsport, Silverstone is a name synonymous with high-octane racing and a rich history of automotive excellence. Green Yurts adds a luxurious and eco-friendly twist to this thrilling destination, making it an ideal choice for race enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

A unique blend

Green Yurts brings to Silverstone a unique blend of comfort and sustainability. Each yurt is beautifully crafted, striking the perfect balance between rustic charm and modern convenience. Inside, you are greeted with comfortable beds, cozy linens, and tasteful furnishings, all contributing to a warm and inviting ambiance. The yurts are spacious and thoughtfully designed, ensuring guests have ample room to relax and unwind after an exhilarating day at the races.

Glamping at Silverstone

The experience of staying in a glamped up Green Yurt at Silverstone is not just about luxury, but also about immersion in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Waking up to the serene views of the countryside while glamping at Silverstone, with the distant hum of race cars in the background, is truly unique. Guests can enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors, perhaps with a morning coffee or an evening under the stars, all while being a stone's throw away from the excitement of Silverstone Circuit.


Sustainability is at the heart of Green Yurts’ philosophy. Each yurt is made with eco-friendly materials and designed to blend seamlessly with the natural environment, minimizing the ecological footprint. This commitment to the environment enhances the overall experience, offering guests a responsible and mindful way to enjoy their stay.

Let's talk racing

For racing fans, the convenience of staying close to Silverstone Circuit is unparalleled. You can indulge in the full racing experience, catch every thrilling moment of the event, and still have a luxurious, private retreat to return to. The fusion of excitement and relaxation is what makes glamping with Green Yurts at Silverstone so special.


In conclusion, Green Yurts at Silverstone presents a unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds: the adrenaline of world-class motorsport and the serene luxury of eco-friendly glamping. It's an experience that appeals to race fans, nature enthusiasts, and anyone looking for an extraordinary getaway!

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