If you receive an email upon successful payment (25% / 50% or 100%) this confirms we have received your booking details and a payment has successfully processed.

Keep your initial booking email safe for your records and reply via the same email if you have any questions or updates.

If you have received a booking email and notice your booking status via your account states 'processing' - you don't need to worry about anything as we follow all bookings as explained below.

No further emails will be sent after your inital booking email until either;

a) We issue the balance payment email around 4 weeks prior to the event start date.

b) Or if paid in full - provide the final details and request your ETA - generally by 1 week before the event start date.

Access to Boutique Camping is generally as per the festival / event gate opening times so do check their website unless we have specified a specific timings available at the time of booking.

If you didn't receive any booking email and are sure the payment was successful - then check the email used and get in touch with in case we need to update the email address whihc may have been mistyped.

If you have a questions about parking, or whether you require a car pass - this is usually organised directly via the festival or event (expect MotoGP) and you should refer to their ticketing information.


If you have booked with a full payment then we'll generally contact you around by 1 week prior to the event to provide details to find us at the event - this would be your final Booking Confirmation.

We won't require any arrival information from you until we send out the ETA form so please wait until we contact you as we won't record any arrival information via email.

If you have booked with a deposit payment then we'll issue the balance payment links around 4 weeks prior to the event - see below for further details.


If you have made a reservation with a deposit of 50% (or 25% Houghton only) your balance amount is payable as one remainder amount only and by the deadline below based on the event you have booked for.

30.06.24 - Noisily Festival

30.06.24 - MotoGP

31.07.24 - Houghton Festival

31.07.24 - End of The Road Festival

30.04.25 - Red Rooster Festival 2025

Balance payments cannot be paid by logging into your account so please do reply via your booking email if you have any questions or wish to pay any earlier than the planned schedule.

If you have received your initial booking email this confirms we have received a payment and we'll follow up as the timelines mentioned above.

If you would like to pay your balance any earlier than the scheduled times - just reply via your booking email with your request - "I would like to pay my balance now".

If you can't find your balance payment email then do check your spam folder and note we can only issue it once.


If you would like to make any updates to your booking, find your booking email and reply directly to with your request.

The deadline to make any booking updates is 4 weeks before the event as we prepare for our site in advance and can't guarantee any last minute update requests.

If you booked for Houghton with our limited and exclusive 25% deposit option note the 75% remainder is payable as one amount only.

Upon successful balance payment - you will receive an email for the second payment which is the confirmation you have fully paid and we won't contact you until by 1 week prior to collect your ETA.


In the unfortunate event you need to cancel - please contact who'll provide your options considering the timeline.