Houghlon Festival is a new three day or! and music festival curated by Craig Richards and produced by Goflwood.

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“Some while ago now the guys from Gottwood approached me to curate something new. I’ve always seen myself as more at a collector than a curator. I’m also much more at an artist than an organiser. I made it clear that the people invited to perform would be chosen on merit. All will be chefs not waiters. All are artists whose talent I value immensely. It is my intention that the festival represents the very best in electronic music and those performing are closest to my heart and record box” ~ Craig Richards.

You can expect an environment where spontaneous back-to-back sets will be encouraged and longer DJ sets will be the norm. Bespoke world class sound systems will be paired to stages, with music from many world renowned performers – this festival will definitely not be one to missed!


Prices and packages coming soon

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