Vive la revolution!

festival-glamping-by-green-yurts-for-hire-in-the-UKIt’s been a little while since our last post – we were caught up in one of those April snowdrifts…. well that’s not entirely true but we have been busy in the workshop, planning birthday festivities and sourcing a new yurt-mobile so give us a break… Anyway, this week we’ve decided to look at the increasing influence that festivals seem to be having on the way that people look to celebrate other occasions.

A great example of this is a private event that we’ll be helping put on in May; a field based birthday we’ll be providing yurt glamping for, so that guests can party in warmth, comfort and style – rather than under sheets on sticks at the mercy of the English weather. The shindig in question celebrates a 30th birthday and the idea behind it is to essentially recreate a festival on a smaller scale – the birthday girl is Ali, and the event is called ‘Festivali’ (see what she did there?). We are really excited about this event because it seems as though it is going to incorporate all of the things that really make a good summer festival – good music, a great location, a willing crowd and above all (in our opinion) some cosy yurt accommodation. Yurts and other alternative accommodation remain a luxury for most people at festivals, most opting for financial reasons to stick with tents, but it is interesting to see that increasingly people are looking to yurts, tipis or similar to recreate that authentic, festival experience for their birthday, bar mitzvah, or weekend celebrations. Due to our hideous climate, the unreliability of your average shop-bought tent and desire to put on an original, visually exciting and practically viable outdoor event, people are choosing yurts. May’s Festivali serves as a perfect example of how a birthday can be jazzed up and safely put on outdoors by using them.

However it seems that yurts and other alternative temporary structures are slowly creeping into other more conventional events as well. Be that as an alternative bar/dance floor, a wedding venue or for a snazzy dinner party, they seem to be popping up here, there and everywhere. So we started to ask ourselves what this increase in people hiring yurts could mean. Is the world slowly turning into one giant festival? As appealing as this sounds to us, we are not sure how feasible it would be as we can’t imagine much getting done on time or to budget… The other alternative is that more and more people are discovering yurts through seeing or staying in them at festivals and coming to grips with how much of an incredible, homely and social space they are. This naturally translates to them wanting to use them for other occasions. Also, the increasing popularity of music festivals as an alternative to going on holiday due to the recession and their coverage in the media has had a huge impact. With the problems that face first time home owners and the state of the property market at the moment young people are finding it increasingly harder to invest in bricks and mortar. Luckily we’ve decided to get on board with the yurt revolution and invest our time and money in wood and canvas!