What do I need to do to secure a booking?

Payment is required to secure your booking and we do work on a first come first served basis.
If you've submitted your enquiry, we will get back to you.
In the meantime please read below as you should find answers to most questions!

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes paying by credit card is an option over the phone (07823339297 or 07733237969)

Do we need to bring bedding or anything?

Single/Double Bedding Packs (per adult/child accordingly) consist of a towel, a blanket, Winter 13.5 tog duvet, two pillows, luxury linens to include duvet cover, pillow cases and sheet. We also recommend bringing pyjamas and/or layer or warm clothing to wear at night, or an extra blanket/sleeping bag if anyone does feel the cold more.

What else would you recommend bringing?

This is a luxury glamping experience but it is worth bearing in mind that you are sleeping in a tent on an island, so the more prepared you are the better experience you will have. It of course comes down to personal preference but we would recommend bringing:

Drinking water
Sun cream
Suitable clothing for the English summer!
Insect repellent
A beach/pool towel
Blanket to sit on


Is there a clear route over to the island? Is it obvious?

Firstly we remind your to check the low tide window times provided at the time of your booking and plan your arrival accordingly.
When you arrive on the island you need to follow the road until you are in the ‘village’ - the first set of buildings you’ll see. You need to drive through the village and take your first left, then left again at the T-junction and then follow the road around to the right. At the end of this track you will see a long building called The Bomb Factory. This is the glamping hub and there will be someone there to greet you and show you to your yurt.

What if I get lost when I get on the island/there is no one there to greet me?

In the unlikely event of this happening, you can get in touch with our staff:

Steve - 07506 521990
Vic - 07506 521888

They will be your point of contact for anything over the weekend.

What if we miss low tide?

We strongly advise that you do everything you can to make sure that you don’t miss the tide. If you do, a passenger water taxi can be arranged. This comes at a cost of £60 and is subject to availability. Please note that you would most likely need to get another water taxi the next day/low tide to be able to get your vehicle and get it on the island.

Where can I park my car?

There will be allocated parking for your yurt. You will be able to drive up pretty close to unload your things and our staff will be on hand to assist.


Are there plug points in the YURTS?

Yurts will have a double socket per yurt which are suitable for charging mobile phones and devices. However they do not support hairdryers, straighteners, kettles etc as the tents will be powered by a generator.

Are there lights in the tents or do we need torches?

We always recommend bringing a torch with you to help find your way or lock up yurt etc. Perhaps spare batteries too!
Yurts/Bell Tents are set up with battery operated bedside lights as well as plug in lights in the yurts.
The campsite will be lighted with festoon lighting and a communal camp fire.

I think you said there’s a fridge in there too?

There is a compact fridge in each yurt to keep your drinks or snacks cool.

Is there a freezer in the fridge?

There isn’t a freezer compartment in the fridge. If you require ice then it may be an idea to bring a cool box or even better, get an ice cold drink from the bar.

Will my things be safe?

Taking care of your possessions is your own responsibility. However, the island is a very safe place and we’ve never had any problems before. You will be able to lock your yurt and your car is also a good place to lock up any valuables.

Can I lock my yurt?

Yurts are lockable, with padlock and key provided.

Can I lock my bell tent?

Bell Tents require a padlock similar as used for a small suitcase which you would need to provide yourself. However as it will be tagged onto a yurt, it may be easier to store valuables in your yurt or even lock them in your car.

Can you provide cots for a baby?

Unfortunately we don't have any travel cots for young children therefore if a cot is required guests will need to bring their own.


What times are meals served?

Meal times may vary slightly depending on tide times but generally speaking:
Breakfast 7:00 - 10:00
Lunch 12:30 - 14:30
Dinner 18:00 - 20:00
Tea and Coffee 7:00 - 20:00

May I see a sample menu?

Sample menu

Do you cater for vegetarian meals and vegans?

Yes we do cater for both. Please let us know any dietary requirements when booking so that we can inform our catering team.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can bring your own alcohol but there will also be an onsite bar.

Will there be a bar?

Yes there will be a mobile bar serving draft beer, wine and delicious, fresh cocktails.
Available Weekends only.

Will there be anywhere I can buy snacks/drinks?

We're happy to add our Catering suppliers Gather & Feast will be operating a tuck shop for in between meal times, with takeaway hot drinks, cakes and snacks on sale. Hot drinks are also provided at meal times. Available Weekends only.


Where can I use a hairdryer/straighteners etc?

You will be able to use these in the communal glamping hub areas. We ask that you don’t use noisy things like hairdryers during meal times.

Are there showers and toilets?

There are shared shower and toilet facilities that will be regularly cleaned.
We ask our guests to follow government guidelines when using these facilities.
We also kindly ask guests to leave the facilities as you would wish to find them.

Is there wifi anywhere?

There is Wi-fi in the communal areas and where the yurts are located is the best part of the island for phone/mobile data service.

Can you use all the osea facilities like the pool etc?

Yes communal facilities are there for glampers and house guests alike. With the pool we are currently running a time slot system to ensure that adequate social distancing can take place. Info on how to do this will be sent out shortly prior to arrival.

Are there bikes to use on the island?

There are bikes for adults however kindly note bikes are not allocated per guest, but will be available for you to pick them up and use at your leisure. You are welcome to bring your own bikes if convenient and can be stored securely during your stay.
We recommend bringing children's own bikes.

What is there to do on the island?

Aside from exploring the nature of the island by foot or by bike, there are plenty of other activities to do. You can play tennis, croquet, golf, volleyball and football. You can swim in the sea or in the pool. Fishing or hunting for oysters is a fun activity at low tide. At the end of the day you can chill out in the cinema room. The options are almost endless.

Can I go fishing on the island?

Yes feel free to fish anywhere on the island. You may find a selection of fishing rods available but if you wish to bring your own, by all means do.

Can we use the tennis court?

Yes the tennis court is available to all. You may find a selection of rackets and balls available but if you wish to bring your own, by all means do. We'll provide details upon booking if a booking system is introduced, for now you may use on a first come first serve basis.


We are asking all of our guests to take the following guidance on board:
· Do not visit if you are feeling unwell in any way
· Please ensure that you complete a contact slip and disclaimer, which we will keep for 4 weeks. This is in case any participant contracts Covid-19, in which case we will contact you if you were participating in the same session
· If you contract Covid-19 within 2 weeks of staying with us, please let us know
· Please maintain at least 1 metre distance from other guests at all times.
· Please frequently use hand sanitiser (bring your own if possible)
· Please bring a face covering with you, and wear it if requested.
· Please take responsibility for your own health and safety, and that of others


Do you allow dogs for glamping?

We are dog friendly as long as the dog is well behaved, trained and won’t disrupt other glampers.

Can I bring a puppy?

As long as it adheres to the conditions above. If not it may be a better idea to leave the puppy with someone for the weekend so that you and other guests can fully unwind.

How spaced out are the yurts?

The yurts are sufficiently spaced to allow for safe social distancing and each tent has its own designated area.

How close are the bell tents to the Yurt?

Generally speaking, the bell tents are within 5m of the Yurt they are assigned to.

How far is the Glamping Hub from the yurts?

It depends a bit on which yurt you are in, but the furthest yurt is under a 5 minute walk from the Hub.