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We are from Essex and proud of it! However, we are aware that there is a certain stigma attached to our beloved county and this is something that we would like to change. This is one of the reasons why we are currently in the process of finding the perfect spot somewhere in the Essex countryside to provide the setting for our Luxury Yurt Glamping Retreat.

We are in discussions with several locations at the moment but with the wide array of beautiful countryside, rivers and the coastline we are sure that whichever location we go for will change any preconceptions you may have on Essex.

Whatever location we do go for you can be guaranteed that there will be plenty of outdoor activities and pursuits for you to take part in – be that the quaint country pubs, a spot of fishing or simply going for a stroll and exploring for yourself. When you’re done with the day’s activities (or maybe even before!) we also plan to have a range of spa and relaxation activities to ensure that you leave us as good as new!

With its close proximity to London, Essex is perfectly situated for those that are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke for a few days and soak up all that the great outdoors has to offer, but do so in comfort and style.

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We have also been in talks with several locations overseas as we look to spread our wings and offer our Luxury Yurt Glamping experience to the wider world. This is a project that greatly excites us and, at the moment, could go one of two very different ways.

The first of these is in a stunning location in the Austrian Alps. With a beautifully serene lake at the base of the spectacular mountains that surround it this could really be an amazing all-year-round venue for us. The focus here would be on activity and adventure, with a wide range of water sports and hiking available in the summer and of course ski and snow sports in the winter.
The second is based on the beautiful White Island, otherwise known as Ibiza. The plan here is to have the yurts as part of a yoga and meditation retreat. We feel that this could be a perfect match as yurts have a very calming and humbling aura about them. This, coupled with the beautiful weather and scenery on offer, could mean that we are on to a real winner.
These are only two options that we are exploring at the moment, but we are constantly looking for new and exciting locations and ways in which we can spread the joys and benefits of Yurt Glamping, so watch this space!


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