We are working alongside the wonderful people at Fred’s Yurts at Shambala Festival. They are dealing with all bookings and enquiries, so please get in touch with them directly if you wish to book a yurt.

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This festival is an absolute winner and one of our favourites. There is a wide range of music spread all over the beautiful site which is situated in the grounds at a stunning stately home. The variety and quality of entertainment on offer is staggering for a festival of its size.

With over 200 diverse musical acts across 12 live stages, world-class cabaret, an amazing array of workshops, stand-up comedy, inspirational talks and debates, jaw dropping circus and acrobatics, the shambolympics, interactive theatre and nationally acclaimed poetry all housed in beautifully decorated venues. Combine this with everyone in fancy dress and lashings of glitter and its almost impossible not to have a good time!

Pioneering, intimate and truly innovative, Shambala Festival has perfectly blended creativity and participation for well over a decade. Shambala is a special place where you play, revitalise, make lots of new friends and return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. As well as being known as a “legendary party”, it is also a haven for cutting edge theatrics and performance, a think-tank of ideas and an award winning green event. Quite simply, Shambala is one that shouldn’t be missed!

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