Make some Noise, for Noisily…




Going to be short but sweet this week as we are busy in the workshop up to our eyeballs in wood (innuendo bingo) getting ready for the summer, which is on its way… well, apparently! We will be looking at Noisily Festival of Electronic Music and Arts, a festival which had a stunning debut year in 2012 and seems to be making all the right noises (excuse the pun) to suggest that this won’t be a one off.

Noisily was the first festival Green Yurts served last year and it was a winner in a lot of ways. First off the weather was absolutely blinding – I don’t know if you remember, but it was that weekend at the end of May, where the sunshine was endless and we were all given the false hope that the summer was going to be hot and rain free!

We think the weather undoubtedly makes a difference to the overall vibe of a festival and as much as people might claim that a mud-fest means that everyone loses their inhibitions a bit and gets stuck in (sorry, we’ll stop with the puns now..) we are still of the opinion that, despite the inevitably horrendous sunburn on display, good weather breeds good vibes and ultimately makes for a happier festival. The weather definitely helped enhance what can only be described as a perfect setting. With winding paths leading through the picturesque woodland to magical little clearings, it was clear to see from the art installations and intricate tree decorations that a lot of work had been put in to develop and enhance this awesome countryside setting. A setting filled with a splendid mixture of great electronic music and creative groups such as Bearded Kitten providing interactive entertainment, games and general silliness for revelers to take part in. A very inclusive festival, the Noisily experience is made even better by its enthusiastic attendees and intimate sizing.

So, with all of the good done last year, we hope that Noisily will carry on in the same vein and go on to bigger and better things. If what they claim on their website is anything to go by, we don’t think that we, or any Noisily virgins for that matter, will be disappointed this year:

“Although its heart is set in the pulsing rhythms of dance music, Noisily is also a place of artwork, performance and participation. We invite attendees to get involved – we want you to be part of Noisily, whether it be by dazzling the crowds with your finest dance moves or designing and building an interactive art installation. And remember, above all, Noisily is about one thing – having a massive, awe inspiring party!!”

We don’t think we could have put it better ourselves, as it seems that the people at Noisily have the same opinion as us in terms of what is needed to put on a great festival.

This combined with the positive experience we had last year, means that this little gem comes highly recommended, and that we are very much looking forward to providing the yurt glamping experience again.